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Production Services

Production Services

MCM’s Production Services Division is a team of experienced video professionals who specialize in telling our clients’ stories in a way that resonates with their audiences.


We believe that every single business and organization we work with has a story to tell and we are passionate about helping our clients share their stories. We work closely with our clients to align our work with their strategic plans so that content can be used, repurposed and further developed to extend the life of their marketing campaigns. We love guiding our clients through the entire production process by bringing vision, clarity and creating content that tells stories and moves the needle.

On the Wakeen site they promote three types of videos (Casestory, Brand Feature, Culture Spotlight). Looking at what we do I’ve put together three types of what we do to promote.

Gala/Major Event

What would happen if your supporters and backers saw the most impactful things your organization has done?

A Gala/Major Event video can do that. This video tells stories that show empathy, authority and authenticity. MCM works with the client to create a compelling hook that tells a story, the obstacles, the players, the outcome and most importantly how you and your target audience has made the world a better place.


Typically 5 to 7 minutes in length
Interview driven narrative accented by music and visual tonal shifts
Imagery comprised of relevant, curated footage
Proven successful in sales, fundraising and engagement

Brand and Culture Feature

What would be the impact if your audience could easily and quickly learn more about you and your business?

A brand and culture feature can do that. This video creates trust, understanding and appreciation by putting a face to the business and takes the customer behind the curtain to understand what makes you, you.

  • Typically 3 minutes
  • Visually presented through interviews and b-roll capturing the heart of your organization
  • Effective for attracting new customers and creating brand loyalty

Social Media Video

Imagine if people stopped scrolling to watch your ad and remembered it?

A short video to be primarily used on social media can engage potential customers while allowing them to retain information about your company. MCM creates social media focused videos that harness the power of emotions like humor, awe and interest.

  • Typically 30 seconds (but long form video is not unusual)
  • Highly energetic with high quality visuals and attention grabbing pace
  • Successful for brand recognition, engagement and sales

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Facility and Equipment Rentals

If you are looking for a production space, equipment, or an edit suite for a production that will not be shown on MCM or for a training we may be able to accommodate your needs.

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